Our Mission

Ferguson-Florissant Transformation Project accomplishes the following:

  • Developing a shared understanding of the transformational work of the district,
  • Developing individual and collective agency in doing transformative work,
  • Developing a strong shared ethic of excellence,
  • Developing broad leadership capacity that dramatically increases Ferguson-Florissant’s agility and ability to create extraordinary schools, and
  • Developing a rich learning environment for both adults and children and a commitment to continuous improvement.

The result of the transformational change process will be a strong school organization with shared vision, one willing to do the hard work of urban education empowered with the tools to support continuous improvement. Ferguson-Florissant School District will be positioned to be a model for how transformational change can improve outcomes for all students.

Our Leaders

DR. LINDA HENKEExecutive Director, Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership
Linda Henke is the co-founder and executive director of the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership. She is a popular executive coach for principals and top-level school administrators as well as a consultant with schools in year-long programs of school improvement nationally and internationally.
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DR. VICKI MAYExecutive Director, Institute for School Partnership (ISP) and Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences, Washington University
Vicki May, as Executive Director of the Institute for School Partnership (ISP) and as Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences at Washington University is committed to world-class educational research. May’s work with the ISP, the university’s signature program for strategically improving K-12 teaching and learning, inspires, connects, and empowers teachers in local schools around exemplar resources.
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DR. JOSEPH DAVISSuperintendent, Ferguson-Florissant School District
Dr. Joseph S. Davis began serving the Ferguson-Florissant School District as Superintendent on July 1, 2015. Prior to that he served as Superintendent of Washington County schools in North Carolina and Deputy Chief of Schools for Chicago Public Schools.
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