Meet the Design Team for Ferguson-Florissant Transformation…in order from left to right and down the page:

Dr. Joseph Davis, Superintendent (F-F); Dr. Exley Warren, Assistant Superintendent (F-F); Dr. Adrienne Bland, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (F-F); Dr. Lisa Hazel, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (F-F); Kevin Hampton, Executive Direction for Communications and Marketing, (F-F); Dr. Linda Henke, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership; Dr. Victoria May, Executive Director of the Institute for School Partnership (ISP) and Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences (WU); Dr. Rachel Ruggirello (WU);  Susie Morice, Educational Consultant, (SCTSL); Barbara Kohm, Educational Consultant, (SCTSL); Dr. Kevin Voepel, Mathematics & Professional Development Coordinator (F-F), and Dr. Liz Raymer, Executive Director of Professional Learning and Leadership; John Hall, Project Evaluator, Assistant Professor of School Leadership Policy, Organizational, & Leadership Studies (Temple U.).