Improving Attendance: Action Research with Amber Spencer

IMPROVING STUDENT ATTENDANCE AT CENTRAL by Amber Spencer The goal of my action research project was to determine the effects of Central’s Morning Meeting on student attendance, therefore determining if we needed to implement alternative solutions to decrease student absences and tardies. Central ranked the lowest among elementary schools in

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Action Research in Reading at Walnut Grove

LAUNCHING ACTION RESEARCH IN READING by Teresa Green Based on STAR reading scores, approximately ⅓ of Walnut Grove students are reading two or more years below grade level and struggle with comprehension.  Walnut Grove needed a clear consistent plan of action to move students forward in reading. I chose a

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Yoga in the FFSD Pre-School Classroom

Yoga and Literacy in the Preschool Classroom: Action Research by Kara Grice The Ferguson-Florissant School District has a strong focus this year on promoting literacy.  In my preschool classroom, I am helping to lay the foundation for literacy development through various learning experiences, including daily read-alouds. According to the Missouri

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Fine Motor Skills and Increased Engagement

MORE FINE MOTOR PLAY LEADS TO MORE WRITING THE PRE-SCHOOL WAY by Mary Edstrohm More fine motor play will lead to more writing the preschool way As I began the year with high expectations for all my students, I was greeted with a group of students who had many challenges.

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Student Goal Setting to Improve Learning Growth

Action Research with Student Goal Setting by Pam Burroughs Instructional Support Leader Lee-Hamilton Elementary Unmotivated students seems to be an increasing problem for many teachers.  I believe in the power of student goal setting to help change this situation.  When students set goals for themselves and their progress, they are

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Action Research: Guided Reading

Action Research:  Guided Reading by Jacqueline Moonier Can we use Guided Reading to meet the diverse needs/support growth for all students in a classroom of readers ranging from below grade level to above grade level? Plan My plan was to work with an intermediate grade classroom teacher who is going

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Repeated, Interactive Read-Alouds in Early Childhood Education

Repeated, Interactive Read-Alouds in Early Childhood Education by Kim Stealey Early Childhood Vocabulary is a critical part and key indicator of reading success and success in school (Baker, Simmons, & Kame’enui, 1997, and  Hiebert & Kamil, 2005).  It is our challenge as teachers to search for ways to meaningfully expand

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The Power of Rereading, Retelling, and Asking DOK Questions with Pre-Schoolers

THE POWER OF REREADING, RETELLING, AND ASKING DOK QUESTIONS WITH PRE-SCHOOLERS by Shondell Woods Early Education Over a third of the children in the U.S. enter school unprepared to learn. Research states that children lack vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension, and other basic needs (Whitehurst, Grover, 2007). A child’s experiences with books

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Action Research: Conferring and Guided Reading at Holman Elementary

CONFERRING AND GUIDED READING AT HOLMAN ELEMENTARY by Andi Pace The majority of students at Holman Elementary, in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, are reading below grade level according to district assessments; 62% of students are not reading at grade level as determined by the Teacher’s College Benchmark Running Record assessment.

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Protected: Teacher Leadership Through Action Research

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