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NOTE THE CHANGES! Training Session #2:  The Transformation Teams from Bermuda, Duchesne, and Walnut Grove will meet at the PALLOTINE RENEWAL CENTER on Old Halls Ferry Rd from 8:00 – 4:00.  Teams will join the University City and St. Louis College Prep transformation teams during Session #2.  Each team will meet with their coaches and Dr. Henke.  The morning is an intensive training, and the afternoon is coaching time.

It will be critical that each team brings its LEARNING PROFILE draft…The following is your preparation for this session, so be sure to have tended to the 6 items below:

  1. Create the Learning Profile with Your Staff.
  2. Read the monograph introducing the Model for Transformation.
  3. Read the first 3 chapters of Coherence.
  4. Read October chapter in Growth Mindset.
  5. Plan for administering the Deeper Learning Questionnaire/Reflection Tool by first part of November.
  6. Use your journal to reflect on
  • Where do you see fertile ground for deeper learning in your school?
  • How are the experiments with growth mindset going?
  • How is transformational coaching  going?

The subsequent Transformation Team Training meetings this term will be

November 16, January 19, February 8, March 29, and April 12.