Throughout the transformational processes, it is essential to recognize the power of Appreciative Inquiry to see into the whole system through the strengths and possibilities that lie at the core.  By identifying the positives that work and by connecting them, these leaders see the reality of bigger possibilities.

Bermuda School leaders met at the Santa Center for Transformational School Leadership to delve into the power of Appreciative Inquiry with Dr. Linda Henke.  Through practice interviews these leaders honed their skills and determined what makes a good team.  The picture above from left to right: Erica Booker, ISL; Dr. Linda Henke; Coach Audrey Jackson; Principal Matt Hinzpeter; Teacher Leader Sara Tehan.

The retreat allowed these school leaders to “get focused” and “see how it all connects.”  Matt Hinzpeter shared, “Through targeted discussion and courageous conversations, it was determined that the first step for transformation at Bermuda Elementary was to address respect for all students.”  Discourse throughout the retreat allowed these leaders to find their shared aspirations for facilitating knowledge and “building a culture of deeper learning.”

Learning is, of course, the goal of every student.  And nesting that pattern for learning among the staff members meant rethinking meetings – “Learning even at staff meetings” will be part of the new culture at Bermuda.  The team came away from this transformational team meeting with the sure determination to “be a great school again.  We just have to refocus, believe in ourselves, and do the work.”

Pictured below are Coach Audrey Jackson with Principal Matt Hinzpeter and Teacher Leader Sara Tehan with ILS Erica Booker.