The Power of Relationships in Transforming Organizations

Most of us in education recognize the importance of relationships in the classroom and the school.  In truth, there are few things more powerful as we work to transform our schools than deep commitments to one another as we make ourselves vulnerable to change. The development of empathy and compassion is one of our nested patterns at our Center, meaning an observer should be able to clearly identify these traits present  in every part of the organization.  Are you clear about what empathy and compassion look like? Here are some resources that might be helpful to you.

The difference between empathy and sympathy:

“How to Instill Compassion in Children”

“What is Empathy?

“What Happens When You Develop Empathy and Compassion”

“Teaching Children Empathy”

This month’s issue of Ed Leadership focuses on relationships to build academic success and strong school culture.  Here are three articles from the issue that are particular useful:

Developing Relationships with Black and Latinos Boys

Correcting Our Connecting

The Principal Factor