Summer Reading for Transformation

from Dr. Linda Henke, Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership

 Are you looking for some good summer reading for the beach? Below I’ve listed a few books that I think you will find really useful as you move forward with your transformation efforts this year.

How to Create a Culture of Achievement in your School and Classroom  by Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Ian Pumpian.
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.50.03 AM If you haven’t stumbled onto this  book yet, it is certainly a worthy read.  The authors outline in clear, readable text specific ways you can support a strong focus on accomplis
hment, scholarship, and achievement in your school. The back of the book is chock full of surveys and other tools you can use to gather useful data about how  your transformational work is evolving.

Taking Charge: Leading with Passion and Purpose in the Principalship by Paul Shaw. This is one of my all time favorite books about the principalship. Shaw writes about his experiences and teases out the most important lessons from his success. He looks closely at principals who are new to their positions, and suggests four guiding principles that  underpin participatory leadership in high performing school communities:Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.53.53 AM

  • Knowing your students well
  • Strong inclusive professional relationships
  • Continuous development of intellectual capital
  • Powerful and cohesive pedagogical responsiveness in teaching across all classrooms

Better than Carrots or Sticks  by Dominique Smith, Doug Fisher and  Nancy Frey. I know many of you are inScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.56.38 AMterested in restorative practices in your school and classrooms as a way to promote positive classroom management. This is a great little book that supports that work with solid specifics that can move your forward.  Certainly a good first step for you and your teachers to begin to reshape classroom and school thinking on behavior.

Learning that Lasts by Ron Berger and Libby Woodfin.  Ron Berger’s new book is a delight to read. Using case studies and examples of powerful learning at all grade levels and in all disciplines, Learning That Lasts is a guide to creating classrooms that promote deeper understanding, higher order thinking, and student independence. Through text and companion videos, readers will enter inspiring classrooms where students go beyond basics to become innovators, collaborators, and creators. Learning That Lasts embraces a three-dimensional view of student achievement that includes mastery of knowledge and skills, character, and high-quality work. It is a guide for teac
hers who wish to make learning mScreen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.00.01 AMore meaningful, memorable, and connected to life, and inspire students to do more than they think possible. Fits beautifully with our work.