Each day of the Summer Institute affords new understandings.  Some of the take-aways from the Institute include these participant insights…

Lisa Hazel, Assistant Superintendent, is “looking for possibilities!  L Hazel in Design ThinkingThe leadership institute has been a great opportunity for us to learn with and through each other as leaders.  We are transforming the way we do our work as leaders.”

Liz Raymer, Executive Director of Professional Learning and Leadership, shares, “Leaders from the Ferguson-Florissant School District have been engaged in highly effective training around Excellence in School Leadership at the Summer Institute at Washington University this week. Liz RaymerWe have invested time in this important work in order to transform our schools to ensure our kiddos get not only what they need but what they deserve.  Collaborative leaders are honing the skills necessary to support the work teachers do in classrooms that will improve student achievement. Our team is ready to work hard in order to nurture transformational change in our district!”

James Allison, Assistant Principal at Johnson Wabash Elementary School, offers, “Each day the institute has highlighted powerful practices that impact teachers and school leaders in meaningful ways to build capacities for our students, both academically and for life.”

IMG_4134 “This process encourages a culture of collaboration.  The placement and forming of ILTs in buildings will be the guiding force to propel schools forward in student achievement.  This information equips principals with the knowledge to transform the mindset of staff members.”  Suzette Simms

“The Institute provides additional knowledge with the Framework for Powerful Learning.  Through this process, leaders will work with Instructional Learning Teams (ILTs) to improve themselves and the students we serve.”  Dr. Sheila Ward

“Transforming organizations dance!  They stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing what does.  We are nurturing excellence, raising the bar, and as a group we have the collective aspiration to succeed.  After the first half of the Summer Leadership Institute, I felt a level of atonement; the pursuit of excellence would not longer be the quest of a few individuals or schools.  Instead, a transformational vision is shared that collectively challenges all instructional leaders to a new level of commitment to produce excellence.  ONE DISTRICT, UNITED!”  Dr. Daisy Fisher  IMG_4184

“As a member of the ILT, I am learning the process of using this framework.  I will be an active participant in the process of identifying methods to support student learning.”  Tiffany Blackmon

“The framework will allow me to examine data and implement powerful practices to improve student achievement.”  Erica Booker