Transforming is an act of metamorphosis…of changing from one thing to another.  Bringing us together to change us all, no simple task, perhaps does take a seemingly simple mindset:  we are all in this together to make learning better for our students and ourselves.  We are dedicated to learning how to work better together for our learning and for our students’ learning.

Day 1 of the Institute at Washington University brought leaders together to share thinking, exchange perspectives, and deepen relationships through professional discourse.  Building collaborative culture is at the core of transformation.

As educators across the Ferguson-Florissant School District share stories of their challenges and successes, a deepened understanding of the work emerges.  Jennifer Andrade, from Walnut Elementary, shares, “Our success grew from our failure.  We learned to slow down and be more thoughtful. We began to trust ourselves and recognize ourselves as powerful resources.  Getting past the shields has made us cohesive.  We no longer say, ‘We didn’t sign up for this.’  Instead, we embrace the opportunity to take risks.”  This kind of collective aspiration transforms the very culture of our schools.

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