Educators will come together for seven days in June to create something extraordinary. In the spirit of collaboration and commitment to the children of the Ferguson-Florissant School District, we will dig deep into these learning arenas:

  • S Morice Arch shotBuilding an ethic of excellence
  • Patterns and practices that afford deep change — what does that design look like? How will systems thinking help us achieve our visions?
  • The power of metaphors to change our possibilities
  • Transforming supervision to afford new ways of learning together
  • Transforming language to support leadership and learning for children and adults
  • Engaging in active, dynamic research that transforms learning and leading
  • Engaging in the practices of “appreciative inquiry”

Our days together through the institute and on into the coming school year will bring each of us to a new place and all of Ferguson-Florissant to a new era.