The Ferguson-Florissant Transformation Project is a partnership among three key entities: The Ferguson-Florissant School District, Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership, and the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership. Together they are engaged in an intensive three-year process to move forward the transformation of the school district, building on its strengths toward a consistently vibrant, highly successful learning environment for children and adults. Their aim is to work with school principals, teachers, students, and parents to create a school district that can serve as a clear center for the community to unite in service to the District’s children.

The first year’s focus (2016-17) is creating powerful learning cultures in the elementary schools. An Institute in June and a yearlong program is supporting principals and teacher leaders in building their capacity for learning, nurturing high quality teaching, and leading for transformation.

The passionate commitment to the success of Ferguson-Florissant is shared by the leadership of all three organizations. Thoughtful, focused planning; rich professional understanding about school culture, teaching and learning; and a belief that students’, parents’, and teachers’ voices are critical to school transformation all drive the work.

Made possible by the Public School Support Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation.


Deeper Learning in Our Schools: Our Shared Voices

April 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Deeper Learning in Our Schools: Our Shared Voices by Susie Morice At the heart of human-centered school transformation we find a pumping culture of deep learning.  Not just the text-driven, test-driven, industrial revolution-driven model of


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